Jamie Horgan
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Old Glory

Tepees constructed with forest debris and scrap wood. Projection, speakers, colored lights. An installation for the Wassaic Project's annual Summer Festival.

This installation consisted of three teepees that were all linked together by sound and live video projections, and were all, in one way or another, filtered versions of eachother. One teepee had a discman playing a Middle Kingdom recording with speakers in one of the other teepees. Another consisted of said speakers and a bright red light mimicking the pressence of a fire. The final teepee had a 6 foot hole in the center of it. At the bottom of the hole was a projector pointing up. The hole was capped with a sanded, spherical, plexi glass sky lite to catch the projected image. The projector was linked to a camcorder that we moved around throughout the weekend of the festival to point at a variety of things (i.e. the moon, horses grazing, people, fire, the projector itself). Organized, built and performed in with Alexander DeMaria.
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