Jamie Horgan

Fundamentally, my work examines societies awareness and unawareness of the things we encounter day-to-day and whether or not our experiences with them are valuable or understood. It is a modern reality that, for many, the view of the world is filtered by the luxuries of the Internet and television, politics and capitalism, and visions of the American Dream. Through a process of play and direct engagement with my environment, I am able to discover inspiration in objects, places, and materials that embody this nexus between natural and cultural establishment. By drawing comparisons between the past and the present, resurrecting what has become mundane, or by forcing or inspiring audience participation, my work challenges establishments, institutions, and social paradigms woven into the fabric of modern civilization, and defines how we so often forget or fail to engage with the world in meaningful ways.

Value, the American Dream, landscapes, paradigms, luxury, the role of valuable things, institutions, establishment, filters, the Fourth Dimension, ecosystems, epistomology, human patterns, sociology, Identities, self exploration, right of passage, obligations/responsiblities, human footprints, human bodies, irony, surprises, gifts, awkwardness, random